Monday, 17 March 2014

Essence Sun Club glamour to go eyeshadow (02 long beach)

Product Description
A range of colours (4 earthy shades, 2 melon and peach shades, and 2 sand and bronze shades) + a brush with two sides ( bristle and a sponge)  
What I like about the product?                                                                  
              8 colour pack
              Very good brush(bristles are very soft and usable)
            Ingredient list given
What I don’t like about the product?
          Colours are too sheer
         Formula is a bit powdery
         Product may fall on to clothes or eyelashes
         Not long lasting
Who is it best for?
         People on a budget
         People new to makeup
My personal viewpoint.
         I use any single colour on the eyelids and simply run an eye liner on it. As the flaky texture does not make it suitable for heavy shading effect. I often mix colours to get other colours. Not too sure if I would repurchase the product.       

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