Wednesday, 19 March 2014

L'oreal True Match - Golden Beige

Product Description:
This one is in golden beige (D3-W3) with SPF 17. It is a water based foundation with a runny texture. 

What I like about the product? 

  • High SPF
  • You can build up the foundation
  • Medium coverage
  • Suitable for oily skin as it is water based
  • Only a small drop of product can cover the entire face
  • Comes with a pump  
  • Begins to match your skin after about 10 minutes
What I don't like about the product?
  • Expensive (In Australia)
  • No ingredient list
  • Takes a while to blend in

My personal view:
I personally use this product during the day because of its high SPF. Blend in the product with a brush or your fingers and do not forget to moisturize underneath and dab your compact after application. It would look a little powdery in the beginning but it will sit beautifully on the skin after a few minutes. It has yellow undertones and is great for Indian and Asian skin tones.

Ratings: 7/10

Quantity: 30 ml

Price: AUD $30

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