Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Revlon -CustomEyes Shadow & Liner (Beach Beauty)

Product description:
An Eyeshadow palette with 5 colours (Black, Grey, White, Mint Green and Brown). The black and grey shades are matte, while the white, mint and brown shades are a bit shiny.It has a dual sponge brush - the thicker side for shadowing and the thinner for lining.

What I like about the product?
  • 5 colours 
  • The basic shades can be used to get various looks
  • The white can be used as a highlighter (esp. the brow bone area)
  • Brushes are good
  • Packaging is sturdy
  • Quantity is good
  • The black, grey and brown shades are very pigmented
What I do not like about the product? 
  • The mint shade does not have a good colour payoff 
As a quick fix using the thin side of the brush apply the brown or grey shade to fill in your eyebrows!  

Ratings: 7/10
Qty: 5.67 gms
Price: AUD $25/ Rs.675 (approx.)

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